Welcome to Oshun Center for Intercultural Healing

A multicultural teaching and learning collective of healers, doctors, and wellness advocates.

Who are we?

Hi! Welcome to the Oshun Center. We're a learning community that is committed to exploring the perspectives of Western, Eastern, and multiple Indigenous Medicines as they relate to the womb, hormones and reproductive justice. 

We feature the teachings, resources, and health needs unique to black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC), queer and trans, women and femmes, in order to supplement what is often missing in medical institutions and training. We care about our wellness and hormones, our gender expressions, our menstrual health, our recovery after pregnancy, loss, and surgery, and our dignity in being listened to and respected as patients and intelligent humans, even when in pain.

Our list of courses is still small, but growing:

The Everyday Sacred: A Self-Paced Guide for Learning & Teaching Traditional Medicine with Cultural Appreciation ~ Not Appropriation

Seven Portal Sky: A Workbook for Healing and Justice After George Floyd, and Traveling Through the Chakras and Orishas

(In Progress: Self-Care Practice Circle for Womb Wellness)

Why should you join?

The Oshun Center is for you if you want to learn more about your womb space and creative center (which is, yes! present in all of us born from wombs). 

Join us to learn home wellness practices and turn your kitchen, bathroom, even bedroom into "everyday sacred" spaces for healing. We also will discuss safety, contraindications, evidence-based care, and research when and where it is most important.  

Who is Oshun?

Oshun is a Black Goddess - The full lipped and fuller hipped Yoruba spirit that watches over the "sweet waters" of streams and rivers. She represents abundance and pleasure, wears gold, and laughs deeply. Her nervous system is rested and nourished, her boundaries held with love, and her womb space, a fertile hand that draws possibility out from dark places. 

This learning community is dedicated to Oshun as an archetype and energy present in us all, as a foundation for what we call Integrative Reproductive Justice. T

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